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Vision and Mission

As the largest food production company in the world, we focus our attention to improving the nutrition, health and wellness of our consumers. Our employees are dedicated and motivated to produce quality products and build brands that satisfy consumers' needs

Nestlé has been present in Indonesia since the 19th century. Now, we employ around 3.400 employees who operate four production plants to process 500,000 liters of fresh milk each day from 27,000 dairy farmers in East Java, as well as tons of coffee beans from around 20,000 coffee farmers in Lampung each year. Through our four distribution centers and hundreds of distributors in every province, we ensure product availability for Nestlé's consumers all over Indonesia.

As part of a global company, Nestlé continually conducts research and development activities to continue making improvements to existing products, as well as creating new products. This is carried out in line with developing concepts and dimensions of food, which is no longer merely for enjoyment, but has grown into a quest for wellness; an overall sense of well-being and a superior quality of life.

This is in line with Nestlé Indonesia's mission to nurture a healthier life for Indonesians, through tastier and healthier products. We also continue to focus on providing information and education to our consumers, among others, as noted on each of our product’s packaging. In running our business, Nestlé always strives to be a responsible influence in society and create value for all.

As a leading company in nutrition, health and wellness, we at Nestlé believe that for companies to achieve long-term success and create value for shareholders, they must also create value for the society - we call this Creating Shared Value. We not only produce high-quality and nutritious products for consumers, but also help thousands of farmers improve the quality and productivity of their crops, creating new jobs using domestic raw materials to be processed into value-added, high-quality products - thereby creating shared value throughout the company’s value chain.

In all our operations, we always ensure adherence to the strict standards of business conduct and support the preservation of the environment, as set out in the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles. These include the Principles of the UN Global Compact on Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Corruption. With this foundation, our business strategy ensures long-term success for the company.