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Breakfast Cereals

Nestlé FITNESSE – low-fat whole grain breakfast cereal.

Nestlé KOKO KRUNCH – wheat breakfast cereal with a great chocolate flavor.

Nestlé KOKO KRUNCH DUO – breakfast cereal made from whole grains flavored with a blend of milk and white chocolates.

Nestlé CORNFLAKES – breakfast cereal made from baked corn chips. Now they’re more nutritious, made from whole corn kernels.

Nestlé MILO BALLS – a delicious MILO tasting breakfast cereal.

Nestlé HONEY STARS – star-shaped breakfast cereal made from whole grains of corn with the added natural goodness of a honey coating.

Nestlé COOKIES CRISP – a whole-grain breakfast cereal shaped like chocolate cookies.

Nestlé HONEY GOLD FLAKES – Small bites with a rich flavor, made from crispy-coated corn sweetened with honey.