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Leveraging Media Packaging as Nutrition Information for Consumers

csvnutrition-ask_302x274_2.jpgConsumers obtain Nestlé product information from salespersons.

Nestlé's mission to help create a healthier society for Indonesia not only encourages us to create products that are nutritious, delicious and affordable, but also to provide information and an understanding of nutrition.

The Nestlé Nutrition Compass is a good way to communicate information of the nutritional values and benefits of our products to consumers. Positioned on the back packaging of all our products, the Nestlé Nutritional Compass briefs consumers about the nutritional content of products and information of the benefits of these nutrients for the body. The Compass also gives health tips, as well as suggestions for the best ways to serve and consume foods. Don’t forget; we also include a phone number for consumers to call for more information about our products.

Presented in an attractive and easily understood diagram, this concept invites consumers to better understand the benefits of consuming our products and equips them with sufficient knowledge to make informed choices on which foods to eat.

Today, all of our products are equipped with the Nestlé Nutritional Compass and this information has already reached millions of Indonesians, all over the country.

Since our product packaging carrying the Nestlé Nutritional Compass has already reached the farthest corners of this country, we hope more and more consumers and community members will gain a useful understanding of nutrition, to help them choose the right products; the most appropriate and beneficial foods.