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Nestlé for Healthier Kids Global Initiative

Helping 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030

Nestlé for Healthier Kids

Nutrition is key to ensure a healthy child’s development. But as always, theory is one thing, practice is another. Encouraging kids to eat more veggies and fruits, ensuring their meals are as nutritious as possible and that their protein sources are diversified can be a tough challenge for parents and caregivers.

We are conscious of the urgency to act and help addressing the challenges of children obesity and undernutrition.

With Nestlé for Healthier Kids, we federate all our efforts to support parents and caregivers on their journey to raise healthier kids. From leading research to product development, from education to innovative nutrition and lifestyle services, our ambition is to help 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030.

The two focus areas of the program:

1. Accelerating the transformation of our product portfolio

To ensure our brands support healthier lifestyles, we have already:

  • Removed over 40,000 tonnes of sugar and 6,200 tonnes of saturated fat from our products globally since 2014;
  • Removed over 15,000 tonnes of salt from our products globally since 2012;
  • Increased the number of micro-nutrient fortified food to 174 billion globally in 2017. In Indonesia alone, four billion portions of our products have been fortified with iron;
  • 99.8% of our global portfolio is free of trans-fatty acids (TFA)

We have also made forward-looking commitments by 2020:

  • Add 750 million portions (80 g) of vegetables to our products globally;
  • Add at least 300 million portions (16 g) of fiber-rich grains, pulses, nuts and seeds to products to our products globally. 1.8 million bowls of Nestlé Breakfast Cereals with whole grain have been consumed by children in Indonesia;
  • Further reduce sugars by 5% from our products globally. In Indonesia, we are committed to reducing 3,000 tonnes of sugar from our products by 2020;
  • Further reduce salt by 10% from our products globally;
  • Complete our commitment made in 2014, to reduce saturated fats by 10% in all relevant products that do not meet WHO recommendations


Here are some examples of our efforts in transforming our product portfolio in Indonesia:

Micronutrient fortification


Nestlé is committed to helping address the issue of malnutrition through fortification of our products with various micronutrients that are deficient among Indonesian families, especially iron, iodine, vitamin A and zinc.

By fortifying popular foods and beverages such as DANCOW and CERELAC, we can reach millions of children in Indonesia, helping them get the nutrients they need to promote optimal growth and development.

Sugar reduction


In 2018, Nestlé launched an improved MILO recipe with 25% less sugar, as part of the company’s commitment to providing healthier and tastier choices.

Not only lower in sugar content, the new recipe is also enriched with more malt and increased vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B3, B6, B12, C, D, calcium, phosphorus and iron.




Nestlé makes wholegrain as the main ingredient in the entire Nestlé Breakfast Cereals portfolio. Wholegrain contains all three components of the grain kernel: brand, endosperm and germ.

With its great taste, wholegrain helps provide fibre, vitamins, minerals, as well as other nutrients for our body.

2. Inspiring with supportive programs and services

Parents and caregivers need help to raise kids with healthier eating and lifestyle habits. We develop programs and online services to provide them with nutritional knowledge, healthy recipes and practical tips.

In 2018, various programs under the Nestlé for Healthier Kids initiative reached 29 million children in 86 countries around the world.

Here are some examples:

Nestlé Awal Sehat Tumbuh Sehat

Nestlé Awal Sehat Tumbuh Sehat

Adopting good nutrition practices from an early age is essential to becoming a healthy adult. Nestlé Awal Sehat Tumbuh Sehat offers personalized nutrition services to parents in the first 1,000 days of life — from pregnancy to baby’s 2nd birthday.

The program — designed to empower parents to give their children a life-long health advantage — is available in over 50 countries and almost 10 million parents are currently registered. Our services, mainly online, include an engaging e-learning course that turns the latest scientific findings into simple, practical feeding advice.

MILO sports camps

MILO sports camps

When kids grow with sports, they not only live a healthier and more active lifestyle, they learn skills and values that help them succeed in life.

Well-established MILO grassroots sports programs across the world are helping more than 20 million kids find the sport that the love, and also learn important values like teamwork and leadership. In Indonesia alone, 200 thousand children have participated in various MILO sports activities.

Nestlé Healthy Kids program

Nestlé Healthy Kids school programs

In collaboration with over 300 partners worldwide, our school-dedicated module empowers teachers, parents and children with nutrition education and promotes healthy lifestyles in the school environment in more than 80 countries, including Indonesia.

Through Nestlé Healthy Kids, we provide an educational program on nutrition and healthy diet, regular physical activities, environmental awareness and personal hygiene.

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