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Using Natural Resources Wisely for Sustainable Development

water_boy1.jpgClean, easily available water is essential for sustainable development, reduction of poverty and improved public health. Many communities in Indonesia still require assistance to obtain clean water for their daily needs. Nestlé works closely with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in projects to help people obtain safe and clean water.

Since August 2008, Nestlé and the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) have shared the same vision as partners in a scheme to provide clean water to residents at Telagaluhur village in Serang, Banten.

Physical manifestations of this project include wells; storage tanks with a capacity of 30,000 liters, complete with distribution pipes; 5 units of toilet facilities (baths, wash basins, latrines); and 8 public hydrants, each with a capacity of 2,000 liters.

Most significantly, these villagers actively participated in building their own facilities and were eventually capable of managing it.

In addition to the establishment of physical facilities, we also aided volunteers and members of the public to independently manage their valuable resource. A series of training sessions for village residents, on topics such as water management, hygiene and environmental sanitation, created agents of change, who later became a driving force in the village of Telagaluhur. Through partnership with PMI in the village of Telagaluhur, we hope to produce behavioral changes in the lives of all members of the community by encouraging healthy lifestyles. In 2010, in collaboration with an NGO Foundation Yasmina, we undertook a similar program in the village of Bitung Jaya in the Cikupa District of Tangerang. We immediately made the assessment that through similar programs conducted in East Java and Lampung, more people could have access to clean water for healthier daily lives.