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Thu, 19/1/2017

Nestlé MILO and FC Barcelona Global Partnership to Help More than 22 Million Children across Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America Live Healthier and More Active Lives

Nestlé MILO and FC Barcelona Global Partnership to Help More than 22 Million Children across Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America Live Healthier and More Active Lives
Nestlé MILO partners with FC Barcelona

Nestlé MILO and FC Barcelona have today announced plans to bring to life the four-year global partnership, aimed at enhancing the quality of life of children, with a series of initiatives to make healthy and more active lifestyles aspirational and accessible to children in Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America.

Nestlé MILO has been running various sports programmes for youths worldwide for over 50 years and currently reaches 22 million children each year through on-going grassroots sports programmes and, together with the global reach of FC Barcelona, targets to help millions more over the next four years. In Indonesia, Nestlé MILO’s programmes to promote active lifestyle have been involving more than 36,000 students in 17 provinces through activities such as MILO Football Championship, MILO Badminton School Competition and MILO Jakarta International 10K.

Based on a shared vision to promote healthier lifestyles and the importance of physical activity among children, the programmes organised in this purpose-driven partnership are designed to inculcate healthy, active and value-based lifestyles for children especially at their foundation years of seven to 12 years old. This is embodied, among others, through MILO Football Championship, the only U-12 football competition to search for new talents of football in elementary schools, where the camphions will get an opportunity to receive professional training in Barça School, Barcelona. In addition, MILO Football Championship will start incorporating Tiki-Taka, a unique playing style of FC Barcelona involving short passes and movement.

Commenting, Patrice Bula, Executive Vice President, Nestlé S.A. said, “As the world’s largest food manufacturer, Nestlé is committed to make a difference in the lives of children across the world. By educating young people about the importance of sport and physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, we will build a better future for the next generation. Participating in sports and team activities is a great way for young people to learn the values of fairness, effort, respect and confidence. Building on these shared values, we are delighted to partner with FC Barcelona and develop a series of sports programmes with our well-known MILO brand, designed to encourage more young people to take part in sport and enjoy a balanced diet. With this partnership, we aim to make a difference to lives of millions of children across the world.”

The partnership between the world’s largest food manufacturer and leading Spanish football club was first announced in November 2016 and MILO has also become the official tonic food drink of FC Barcelona.

Xavier Asensi, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, FC Barcelona said, “Teamwork is the key for our partnership, and FC Barcelona and Nestlé MILO are on the same team. Our values are complementary to Nestlé MILO’s and through the various programmes and activities over the next four years, we aim to educate children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise and physical activity as part of their growth. Like MILO, we believe that through sport, children will gain the necessary tools and essential values which will give them the best start and set them up well for their adult lives.”

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