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Wed, 10/8/2016

Nestlé Indonesia goes to Switzerland!

Nestlé Indonesia goes to Switzerland!

This year, Nestlé celebrates its 150th anniversary globally. To join the celebration, Nestlé Indonesia presents various stories from Switzerland, home to our headquarters.

Want to know more about the history of food? Or look at a chocolate factory in one of the largest chocolate manufacturing countries? Follow our journey here, every day!

Our first day in Switzerland

The first day of our Swiss trip
Image and video courtesy of @goenrock

Nestlé Indonesia's team arrived in Switzerland at noon local time and went straight to Vevey, which is the centre of Nestlé's operations.

Want to find out what it's like? Click to read the full story and see the video!

Day two: learning about food and nutrition at Alimentarium

The second day of our Swiss trip
Image and video courtesy of @goenrock

This morning, Nestlé Indonesia's team visited Alimentarium, also located in the town of Vevey.

Formerly the first administrative office of Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, the building is now one of the museums dedicated for knowledge about food, where we can learn about food and nutrition digitally. Those who are not able to visit it in person can also access the website.

What is it like inside Alimentarium? Click to read the full story and see the video!

Delving into Nestlé's 150-year history at nest

Delving into Nestlé's 150-year history at nest
Image and video courtesy of @goenrock

The trip of Nestlé Indonesia's team continued to the area of Les Bosquets, Vevey. Here stands nest, a place that portrays the 150-year history and journey of Nestlé.

Unique fact: the location where nest stands was the original workplace of Henri Nestlé when he first started his business: his first kitchen, first laboratory and first office. Now, nest presents Fondations, Zeitgeist, Forum and Visions.

Curious? Click to read the full story and see the video!

Mengamati lebih jauh pusat penelitian Nestlé

Hari ketiga perjalanan ke Swiss

Berkunjung ke negara pusat operasional Nestlé tidak akan lengkap jika tidak mengunjungi pusat penelitian kami di sana.

Tim Nestlé Indonesia hari ini menuju ke Nestlé Research Center dan Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences untuk mengetahui lebih banyak tentang kapasitas penelitian dan pengembangan Nestlé yang menjadi dasar untuk inovasi produk kami di seluruh dunia.

Ingin tahu apa bagaimana Nestlé mengembangkan dan meneliti berbagai aspek dari makanan, gizi dan kesehatan? Klik untuk membaca lebih lanjut!

All you need to know about chocolate

Hari terakhir perjalanan di Swiss diisi dengan kunjungan ke Maison Cailler, pusat cokelat kami di daerah Broc.

Untuk menuju Broc, tim Nestlé Indonesia menggunakan kereta khusus, Le Train du Chocolat.

Apa saja yang bisa dilihat di Maison Cailler dan bagaimana rasanya bepergian dengan Train Du Chocolat? Klik untuk membaca cerita lengkap dan melihat videonya!

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