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Research & Development

Research and Development (R & D) is a major competitive advantage of Nestlé. Without R & D, Nestlé could never have become the food industry’s leader in nutrition, health and wellness.

With 29 research and development and technology units in locations all over the world, Nestlé has the largest network of R & D facilities of all food companies. The Nestlé network of research and technological development facilities, as well as local market application groups, employs over 5,000 people.

Nestlé also strengthens its R & D capabilities through Innovation Partnerships at every stage of the product development process – starting from initial collaborations with biotech companies and ending with partnerships with key suppliers. By bringing together all R & D resources, Nestlé is able to provide solutions for the requirements of high-quality and safe foods for all customers around the world - in terms of nutrition, health and wellness, goodness, flavor and texture, Nestlé provides a guarantee of the best and safest quality products for consumers.

Nestlé R & D facilities pay close attention to ensuring all Nestlé products are in accordance with all applicable regulations. Nestlé can launch new products quickly and efficiently in all countries around the world by integrating the relevant rules in all R & D activities, from the initial process to the final stages of production. Nestlé scientists also play a role in informing consumers about the health benefits of products. Nestlé nutrition experts around the world ensure the communication of vital nutrient information, either inside or outside packages, according to the rules of scientific knowledge and laws of various marketing areas.

In addition to providing reliable nutrition, foods of the future will be increasingly driven by scientific research. Nestlé scientists continue to search for better foods for the future; Nestlé’s R & D translates the science of nutrition and food in two ways:

  • From customer’s needs to research priorities
  • From science to benefits and services for consumers

Nestlé’s R & D long-term visions; a little about how Nestlé R & D helps create the future of food is explained through this website.

Nestlé Research provides solutions for good-tasting food beverages, as well as services, that bring nutrition, health and wellness to consumers.