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Sustainable Innovation and Renovation

rnd_2.jpgNestlé's competitive advantages include the benefits of their product line, as well as additional benefits from the constant processes of product development, using advanced science and technology, resulting in innovations and renovations through this process of continuous research.

Nestlé’s research and development teams are constantly at work creating quality products. The Nestlé technical approach to product development is called “60 / 40 +.”

A consumer receives an explanation of a Nestlé product from a salesperson.

rnd_3.jpgThis approach emphasizes the process of taste tests a manufactured product must undergo. A minimum of 60% consumers must choose our new products over comparable products made by our closest competitors. In addition, Nestlé products must have a greater nutritional value. Products that do not pass the taste test are then re-formulated to successfully fulfill the concept of “60 / 40 +.”

We have a strictly applied policy of quality control for all our products and services; we pay close attention to the factors of food safety and security, and always adhere to the rules and regulations in the countries where we operate and our products are marketed. Because of this policy, there were no significant incidents related to product quality or safety issues during 2010.

rnd_4.jpgIn product development we apply the Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System to ensure our products provide good nutritional value for consumers. One way we achieve this is through the Nutrition Foundation (NF). NF is the criteria determined by taking into account all factors considered important by the community in terms of health and nutrient content.

We ensure our customer’s safety and healthy in all aspects of our products, both in the making and for consumption, including monitoring sugar, salt, saturated fats, trans fats and energy content. In Indonesia, Nestlé products meeting NF standards accounted for 72% of total sales during 2010.