DPC Launches Latest Program


Jakarta, 5 June 2012 – DANCOW Parenting Center (DPC) continues to strengthen its commitment as a trusted partner of mothers in ensuring the optimal growth and development of their children. This year, DPC has launched its latest program, the “Life-Ready” Generation Module, which was designed by a panel of eight experts and includes the recruitment of DPC 2012 Liaison Persons to provide Indonesian mothers with what they need to know so as to empower them to prepare ‘Life-Ready’ Indonesian kids. The launch ceremony was witnessed by Deputy Minister for Women’s Empowerment and the Protection of Children Dr. Wahyu Hartomo, MSc and Nestlé Indonesia Dairy Business Unit Director Jason Avancena.

“We are proud that our mission is in line with the Government’s efforts to promote a healthy and resilient younger Indonesian generation that will be able to compete in the future. Since 2004, DANCOW Parenting Center (DPC), as part of Creating Shared Value, has been committed to being the trusted partner of parents in optimizing the growth and development of Indonesian children. This latest DPC program strengthens our mission of playing a part in creating a healthier Indonesian people,” said Jason Avancena.

During the event, DANCOW Parenting Center kicked off its latest program, a module to help prepare a ‘Life-Ready’ generation, that is, a generation that possesses the necessary individual and social competencies to be able to compete amid increasingly complex challenges and a rapidly change world. These individual competencies include optimal physical growth, significant cognitive development and highly developed emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Meanwhile, social competencies include social intelligence, the ability to adapt to new environments and groups, and the capacity to forge relationships based on emotional closeness.

“With all of the changes taking place in this era of globalization, parents and children face a variety of challenges, one of which is parenting itself. That is why parenting styles of the past can no longer be applied nowadays. To respond to this, we, the panel of experts, have together designed this module to help guide and inform parents so as to enable to prepare a ‘Life-Ready’ generation from early on. The under-5 period is a golden age for implanting values so as to make children ‘Life-Ready’ in the future,” explained psychologist Dr. Ratih Andjayani Ibrahim, MM, representing the eight experts on the panel that prepared the ‘Life-Ready’ Generation Module.

The ‘Life-Ready’ Generation Module discusses and analyzes a range of parenting problem so as to help parents make children the pride of the family. The ‘Life-Ready’ Generation Module contains discussions on “parents ready” and “life-ready kids”. The “parents ready” section contains information on “nutrition ready”, “techno ready”, “education ready”, “financial ready”, “emotional ready”, “lifestyle ready” and “healthy ready.” Meanwhile, the “life ready kid” section contains information on parenting styles and the development of individual competencies and social competencies.

Each section in the module was designed by a penal of experts in their respective fields – pediatricians Prof. Sri Rezeki S. Hadinegoro, MD., PhD., Dr. Soedjatmiko, SpA(K), Msi, and Dr Muzal Kadim, SpA(K); gynecologist Dr. Ali Sungkar, dr.SpOG; nutritionists DR. Dr. Saptawati Bardosono, M.Sc., and Dr. Ir. Drajat Martianto, MSi; and psychologists Dra. Ratih Andjayani Ibrahim, MM., and Dr. Adriana S. Ginanjar, M.S.

“We are aware that there are no schools that can teach us how to be parents, while at the same time the parents needs for information is increasing at the present time. This is where DANCOW Parenting Center comes in, as a trusted partner of parents in optimizing the growth and development of their children. Through the ‘Life-Ready’ Generation Module, together with the experts, we want to help parents to prepare for nutritional needs in an integrated manner with good parenting from an early stage so as to produce a generation of ‘Life-Ready’ Indonesian children who are ready to face the challenges of the future,” said Pritha, Category Marketing Manager DANCOW Growing-up Milk.

Parents can obtain information on the ‘Life-Ready’ Generation Module through various DPC activities, including DPC booths, on Facebook, Twitter and the DPC Website, and by taking part in the DPC Liaison Program. This program, which is being held for the first time this year, is intended to provide the information that Indonesian mothers need so as to empower them to bring up a life-ready generation that is capable of meeting the global challenges of the future.

The DPC Liaison Program will recruit 1,000 mothers to represent their communities in 5 big cities (Greater Jakarta, Medan, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Makassar) who will be provided with training on the ‘Life-Ready’ Generation Module by experts during DPC Liaison classes. The mothers will then share what they have learned with their communities. The culmination of the program will be an awards night for DPC Liaisons as an expression of appreciation for those mothers who have successfully passed on their knowledge, helped empower other mothers, and applied the ‘Life-Ready’ Generation Module in their communities. “This represents an effort to provide knowledge to large numbers of mothers in Indonesia so as to help them raise a ‘Life-Ready’ generation. We believe that these mothers are agents of change, and will be parents ready and able to raise ‘Life-Ready’ children,” Pritha added.

The DPC Liaison Program will be held in 5 major cities (Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Surabaya) between June and December 2012. DPC will pick 1,000 mothers as semifinalists from these 5 big cities, and these will then be whittled down to 30 finalists, who will be trained by the DPC panel of experts in appropriate parenting styles for raising ‘Life-Ready’ children using the ‘Life-Ready’ Generation Module. Of the 30 finalists, the best 5 DPC Liaisons will be selected during the DPC Liaisons’ Awards Night, which it is expected will be attended by Ibu Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar S.IP, in December.