Inauguration of “Posyandu Cares: Growth-Active-Response” Movement 2012

  • The “Posyandu Cares: Growth-Active-Response” (Tumbuh-Aktif-Tanggap/TAT) Movement 2012, was inaugurated by the Chairman of Team PKK (Family Welfare and Empowerment) Central, Mrs. Hj. Vita Gamawan Fauzi SH, at Gebyar Posyandu in Bekasi, January 24, 2012. In attendance were hundreds of members of the team PKK and Posyandu cadres. The 2012 program consists of Posyandu Cadre classes and contests in 16 provinces and awards for the best Cadres and best Posyandu at the PKK National Jamboree in October 2012.
  • The action team (TP) at PKK Central supports the implementation of “Growth-Active-Response,” through the national movement, “Posyandu Cares: Growth-Active-Response,” in collaboration with Nestlé DANCOW Batita, milk for growing children aged 1 year and over, as a follow-up to the signing of a memorandum of understanding in Pontianak on May 2011.
  • Training Modules for the Posyandu Cares: Growth-Active-Response movement were prepared by a team of experts for use in training more than 5,000 PKK cadre members in 46 cities covering 16 provinces, with the aim of revitalizing and improving the quality of Posyandu TAT. The program also aims to create a healthier Indonesian society, according to the vision and mission of the TP PKK Central and Nestlé Indonesia.

Bekasi, January 24, 2012 – The Posyandu Cares: Growth-Active-Response Movement 2012 was inaugurated by the Chairman of Team PKK (Family Welfare and Empowerment) Central, Mrs. Hj. Vita Gamawan Fauzi, SH, accompanied by the President Director of PT. Nestlé Indonesia, Arshad Chaudhry, cooperating partners in the Gebyar Posyandu Growth-Active-Response activities in Bekasi, Tuesday, January 24, 2012. This event was the opening activity of the 2012 program in consisting of Cadre Classes and Contests in 16 provinces, as well as awards for the best cadre members and best Posyandu at the PKK National Jamboree in October 2012.

The Posyandu Cares: Growth-Active-Response Movement 2012 is a joint program by PKK Central and Nestlé Center DANCOW Batita in an effort to provide training to improve the quality of integrated health services, through the distribution of information about the of 3 TAT signs (Growth-Active-Response). This simple guide aids cadres and parents in monitoring children’s optimal growth and development. These guidelines were formulated by a team of expert scientists and researchers, consisting of nutrition expert Prof. Dr. Ir. Ali Khomsan, psychologist, Dra. Mayke Tedjasukmana, M.Psi, and a team from the PKK Central; their combined expertise is then distilled into these training modules, as a guide in the training of cadres and implementation of daily Posyandu program activities. These activities, which aim to co-create a healthier Indonesian community, according to the vision and mission of the action team (TP) from PKK Central and Nestlé Indonesia, is a continuation of the memorandum of understanding signed by the PKK Central team and PT Nestlé Indonesia for the National Seminar on "Indonesian Toddlers TAT " in Pontianak, May 30, 2011.

As a National Movement, this program aims to improve the performance of Posyandu cadres by increasing their knowledge of all aspects of child growth and development, so as to provide the best possible services to the community.

"The Growth-Active-Response Movement supports the Government's program to revitalize and improve the quality of Posyandu (Indonesian integrated health services stations) in Indonesia. We expect this movement to increase the role played by the Posyandu cadres as vanguards of health; and hope in response, many more Indonesians will visit Posyandu stations to actively monitor their growing toddlers,“ said the Chairman of Team PKK Central, Hj. Vita Gamawan Fauzi, at Gebyar Posyandu TAT.

Meanwhile, President Director, PT Nestlé Indonesia, Arshad Chaudry, said, "the Posyandu Cares: TAT Movement is one of the activities which shows Nestlé Indonesia's commitment in helping to create a healthier society. We are optimistic that through this national movement, we can increase the knowledge of Posyandu cadres, with the goal of healthier Indonesian toddlers in a healthier Indonesia."

Gebyar Posyandu events, which opened the 2012 series of programs, were held in Bekasi and Malang in the presence of hundreds of members of PKK and Posyandu cadres.

Category Marketing Manager for Nestle DANCOW Growing-Up Milk, Pritha, said, Nestlé DANCOW Batita always seeks to improve the implementation of a sustainable Posyandu movement. "We recognize the vital task of PKK cadres in the frontline of providing essential services to the community; therefore, in the year 2012, we created standard training modules for TAT Movement lessons on optimal child development to help improve the quality of Posyandu in Indonesia, for Indonesians to healthier children, also express appreciation to the best cadres in Indonesia."

Nestlé DANCOW Batita has launched the training of cadres through the program "Let's go to Posyandu TAT (Growth-Active-Response)" From 2008 until today, this program has reached more than 15,400 cadres in over 3,700 Posyandu stations in 16 provinces, and involved more than 350,000 housewives, Pritha added.

Nestlé DANCOW Batita

Nestlé DANCOW Batita is milk for growing children aged 1-3 years, with a proper nutritional balance and delicious taste at an affordable price. Nestlé DANCOW Batita helps the community, especially the lower middle class, to fulfill the nutritional needs of children aged 1-3 years during their crucial periods of development.

Nestlé DANCOW Batita have integrated the necessary nutrients to support Indonesian toddler’s “Growth-Active-Response,” because it contains all the goodness of milk, plus a prebiotic, inulin, vitamins, minerals and also LA, ALA, choline and taurine, to help the development of the child. Available in two flavors; honey and vanilla, it taste delicious and is well-liked by children.

General information about Nestlé Indonesia

Nestlé Indonesia is a subsidiary of Nestlé SA, the leading company in the field of nutrition, health and wellness, with headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. Nestlé SA was founded over 140 years ago, by Henri Nestlé, a pharmacist who created the first baby cereal to help a mother save the life of her baby, who was very ill and unable to drink breast milk.

Nestlé Indonesia was established in 1971, and currently has 2,600 employees. In addition to the new plant to be built at Karawang, West Java, with an investment of USD 200 million, three plants in Panjang (Lampung), Cikupa (Bantam) and Kejayan (East Java) to produce dairy products, food and drinks with brands like DANCOW (milk powder), MILO (chocolate malt), NESCAFÉ (instant coffee), CERELAC (baby cereal), KIT KAT (wafer chocolate), FOX'S (crystal sugar candy), BEAR BRAND (sterile milk), MILKMAID and CARNATION (condensed sweetened milk), and NESTLÉ IDEAL (milk powder at affordable prices). In March 2010, Nestlé invested over USD 100 million to increase production capacity at the Kejayan plant, doubling the amount of milk processed at this facility.

Nestlé's motto "Good Food, Good Life" describes the company's commitment to continue to combine science and technology to produce products to meet the basic human needs for nutritious, delicious and safe foods and drinks.

Nestlé operates 29 central research and development (R & D) centers worldwide. In Asia, Nestlé has R & D centers in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, India and Singapore.