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Supply Chain

Our supply chain professionals play important role in ensuring that customers and consumers receive our quality products. To achieve this, we collaborate with the commercial team to develop demand forecasts and work with suppliers worldwide to ensure the availability of guaranteed raw materials. We balance inventory levels in line with company operations to achieve the right product supply. Once produced, the supply chain team is responsible for storing and safely transporting our products to fully meet the needs of customers and consumers in a timely manner. We are an agile, aligned, and adaptable organization committed to delivering the best results in the supply chain and supporting overall business priorities.

Our supply chain professionals can take various paths to build a fulfilling career at Nestlé. Whether you join us through Demand and Supply Planning, Procurement, Physical Logistics, or Customer Service, you will help us achieve true competitive advantage by getting closer to customers and ensuring our products are available at the right time and in the best condition. With such broad opportunities at Nestlé, you can transform your role and location, even on a global scale.

Hari-hari di Supply Chain seperti menaiki roller coaster, ada pasang dan surut, tapi saya selalu meraih puncaknya. Perjalanan ini tidak pernah berlangsung cukup lama dan saya selalu mengantisipasi perjalanan lain setiap hari. Selain itu, Supply Chain selalu terbuka untuk berbagai peluang dan mempromosikan kesetaraan gender bagi perempuan — karena kita akan mendapatkan kesempatan yang sama untuk berkolaborasi dan tumbuh.

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